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Photographer Sarah M.J Photography Bern

My goal is to capture the beauty of a person, to be creative, to play with colors, light, fashion and make-up.

In today's world of social media and society, one of the things that's important to me is celebrating natural beauty and proudly showcasing it. To showcase the imperfect features and underline the highlights.

Frequently asked questions

Before the photoshoot

It is important to me that my customers feel comfortable.

So a quick get to know each other is part of it, so that I know who you are,

what might be more difficult for you and where I can support you, so that we can design the photoshoot to create beautiful images.


Make sure your skin is cared for. 

- creamed skin

- well-groomed hands and clean fingernails

Come to the photoshoot already ready and styled, if you do your own make-up. 

Of course you have the opportunity to make the final optimizations in my photostudio.

Implementation of images

Think about what kind of picture idea you have. If you have any questions, I can give you tips.

Gathering ideas in advance is an advantage, but I don't make any pictures 1:1 the same, as in my opinion every picture should be unique.

During the photoshoot

A shoot looks easy at first, but many people underestimate the process. Don't take on too much, that's why the number of outfits is limited.

The tiredness and when you don't feel well can be seen in the picture.

So only come to a shoot if you feel fit and healthy. 

How do you get the pictures?

After the photoshoot I will send you an online link containing the “selection” images. All images are marked with a watermark and are therefore protected by my copyright.

Select your agreed number of favorites that you would like to have edited. Write down the image number or send me a screenshot of the image.

I will send these to you without a watermark in the next 1-3 weeks.

The further selection of images will be available on the online link for approx. 1 year and will then be deleted. 

Would you like more pictures?

The number of edited images applies to each shooting offer.

If you would like to have more images edited, I charge a price of 20CHF per image.

Image editing

The images are edited according to my visual style. I attach importance to optimizing the image and not defacing it. I only do high retouch editing for beauty photoshoots. 

It's important to me that the person in the picture is still recognizable. 

Skin imperfections, light optimization and unflattering poses are retouched and edited.

What are selection images?

The selection of images are the photos that were taken during the photoshoot.

These are images that are selected by you for further processing. 

Copyright ©Sarah M.J Photography and is protected from misuse and further use by my watermark. 


Payment takes place on the day of the shoot.

Payment is made via cash or Twint transfer.

In the case of a bank order, the "selection" images are only released upon receipt of payment.

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