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My name is Sarah M.J, I'm 31 years old and have Filipino/Swiss roots. I work part-time as a photographer, make-up artist and model.

Since my childhood, I have been interested in photography, modeling and creative design.
When I was 12 years old, I had my first photography experiences and took my Kodak camera with me everywhere. At the time, however, I didn't know whether the result was usable. It was a film camera and I had to send in my pictures and hope that there was something from these few triggers.
I collected fashion magazines, experimented with fashion, makeup and styles and was interested in creating art in all forms. 

Over the years I have constantly learned and adapted to the digital age. Renewed my gear and got to grips with Photoshop and Lightroom. 
When I was 15 years old, everyone already knew me with my camera and my creative ideas.
I started tailoring outfits and making fashion accessories. 

Seeing the world in colors, fashion and aesthetics fascinated me. My interest grew and my passion grew stronger.
In 2010 I started living out my hobby and built a small photostudio.
At this point I also started modeling. I always enjoyed both perspectives and it was a varied balance. These photoshoots as a model took me to the USA, France, Germany and Switzerland. I modeled for various clothing brands, magazines, covers, products and fashion shows.

However, working freely as an artist and styling and photographing other people has never left me.
In 2016 I had my photostudio in Wabern and then in Muri near Bern. Since summer 2019 I have been based in Bern, Mattenhof.

I specialize in creative portraits, beauty and fashion editorials. I like to create images that don't correspond to the norm and are a little different. Over the top or reserved, vibrant or black and white. fine posing or haute couture to play with colors, props, fabrics, lights, materials or post production on Photoshop.

As an artist, I never get bored, it's important to me to have courage, dare and try new things. In my opinion, art is so diverse.

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